Stress Management Workshop, Mind Therapy & Creative Arts

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Today, stress has become a common topic of conversation. Sometimes stress is good if it motivates you to overcome the obstacles but it's really worse if it wears you down. Many factors contribute to stress and this stress can cause changes in the body that affect the overall physical, mental, and emotional health. 

The survey finds that almost half a million Malaysians experience symptoms of depression, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

(National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS 2019)).

The way we overcome stress is the main factor that separates us, and the degree to which we are affected is also a major variable. Not only can stress affect your ability to work, but it's also consequently affecting your business and definitely your own health! Here. our experts have designed a unique stress management workshop to fit your needs. Your program will be led by three outstanding coaches who are experts in designing and delivering these learning sessions.

Training Objectives

Understand different types of stress 

Mapping the causes and effects of stress 

Evaluating the stress levels and healthy ways of dealing with stress.

Enhance your focus, creativity, productivity, and common sense.

Learn about Stress Management techniques that will help you to overcome stress.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for Supervisors, Administrators, Support Staff, Customer Service Staff, etc. who are working in high-pressure environments, where, stress is affecting their performance and their personality. 

It would also be useful for any individual 

who feels the negative impact of stress and wants to change their life better.

wishes to learn how to use their most powerful tool (mindset). 

tired of feeling out of control of their thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

wishes to stop holding themselves back from realizing their full potential.

seeks techniques for happiness and good health.

After completing this workshop, participants will have the skills and knowledge to: 

Managing personal stress and work-related stress

Enhancing the ability to cope with the pressures in everyday life.

Enhancing general self-esteem and boosting confidence.

Develops a positive attitude towards life.

Respond to stressful situations by using effective techniques.

Releasing the fear of rejection and maintain optimum level stress.

Recognising and overcoming roadblocks standing in the way of goals and dreams.

Overcome social anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, fatigue, and stress.

Included in this workshop:

(i) an interactive personal presentation using group and individual engagement,

(ii) how to adhere to international best practices as well as

(iii) how to make the workshop effective via PowerPoint Presentations, Role Plays, Games, Group Activities, and Creative Art.

Feexa Nicoll, Fairul Hafiz, Shirley Mathu Bala
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1 Hari
Kapasiti Kelas
24 Orang
Dwi Bahasa
Lokasi & Masa
Date: 21 November 2020, Saturday Time: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm Venue: Alila Hotel, Bangsar (Breakfast, Lunch & Tea Time provided)



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